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The Broken Wave uses a hybrid DKP system for item distribution during raids. The system incorporates point rewards for participation, consideration for the overall impact of raid loot on the raid's performance, and random chance. This document explains this system, it's rules and related procedures.  This system applies to scheduled, sanctioned guild raids that occur within normal raid hours. This document is accurate as of February 2nd, 2018.   


DKP is earned at a rate of 10DKP per hour. The minimum allowed bid is 10DKP, and the minimum bid increment is 10DKP (bids following an all-in bid may be rounded to the nearest increment of 10). Members are allowed to bid a maximum of their current DKP holdings, as displayed on the DKP website. Attendance dumps are taken at 8PM, 9PM, 10PM, 11PM and end of raid. Missing any of these dumps means that you miss out on DKP and raid attendance.

Pre-clears may happen from time to time depending on specific situations.  All pre-clears will be coordinated at a minimum 24 hours in advance and will award 2.5 DKP every 30 minutes.

First Time Kills

Additional points are earned for guild's first kill of serverwide message Bosses during an expansion.  This bonus is equal to 10 DKP points.  A 20 DKP bonus is awarded if the guild is the first guild serverwide to accomplish the kill.

Bidding Rules

Bidding is to be done in the guild chat channel (/gu). You cannot bid into negative points. 

Bidding eligibility is broken in to Bidding Tiers. This method will allow everyone to bid simultaneously, up to a soft ceiling. Each tier will have their own soft limit. If someone from a higher tier bids above the lower tier's ceiling, the lower tier is eliminated from bidding. If no one from a higher tier bids, than the lower tier can bid freely. A bid of 160 DKP from a tier 2 member will eliminate all tier 1 bidding. This also gives us the added benefit of allowing recruits to bid as early as their second raid.


Bidding Tiers

Guild members are separated into three tiers concerning bidding. These tiers are:

  • Tier 1: Family & Friends / Recruits / Boxes
    • Any Recruit bid will override all Box/Family & Friends bidding
  • Tier 2: Members below minimum raiding level / Members with 30 day raid attendance < 50%
  • Tier 3: Members who are minimum raiding level with 30 day raid attendance >= 50%

Each tier has an associated limit on DKP amounts they are able to bid on a given item:

  • Tier 1 Limit: 50 DKP
  • Tier 2 Limit: 150 DKP
  • Tier 3 Limit: No Limit on DKP


Spending DKP/Bidding

When loot drops, an officer will ask in /gu for offers. Interested members will state in /gu their initial offer with a link of the item they are currently wearing. Bidding is expected to be done promptly and should not take more than 60 seconds per item.

You are responsible to be familiar with the advanced loot system. You will be charged DKP for any loot awarded that is lost as a result of your failure to use the system correctly. Repeated offenses may result in further docked DKP.

Players are encouraged to bid aggressively. The open bid system is designed to ensure loot is awarded as a reflection of effort contributed. If you’ve earned the DKP to out-bid someone, you have earned the item (within the tiered bidding system).

Players may only bid/spend DKP for their own character(s), including their Main and any boxes which meet the criteria below.

Box Bidding Policy

  • The alt/Box must be with the raid or camped outside the AoC/raid encounter zone.
  • When bidding you must state if the bid is for an Alt/Box. Failure to do so may result in the item being awarded to the main character.
  • DKP bids will come from the main characters DKP pool.
  • You must understand that failure to loot the item with an alt/box may not constitute a refund of DKP. You bid on the item willing knowing you are responsible to get your alt/box to the item.
  • Raids will not be held up so that an alt/box can loot an item. If a situation like this occurs, the responsibility to promptly get the alt/box resides with the member, not the raid as a whole.
  • Alts may not bid on tradeable loot. Any tradeable loot not bid on by main will be sold in the guild auction forum.


Ties in Bidding

  • If two members both bid the same amount that is not an "all in" bid, the person who bid first is the winner.
  • If a tie occurs with both members having "all in" bids, the winner is the raider with higher 30 day raid attendance percentage.
  • If the raiders are still tied, the winner is the raider with the higher lifetime raid attendance percentage.
  • If the raiders are still tied, the tie will be decided using /random 1000. Continue to /random 1000 until a winner is determined by a higher roll.


Special Case Loot

There are at times identified items which are prioritized to specific classes.  The list of these items can be found here.


NBG Advanced loot rolls and cash drops

NBG rolls will be used for certain group content items at the discretion of leadership.

Cash drops such as gems will be kept by the guild bank to fund raid activities.


Droppable Loot and No-Drop Loot Rots

A thread will be created in the Raiding section to auction off droppable loot that would otherwise rot. Items will be placed in this thread within a few days of the raid from which they were obtained (this will not happen immediately during a raid). Opening bids will be set to 50% of an items current market value, as determined by the Loot Officer. Bidding will be open for 72 hours, after which time the item will be sold to the member with the highest bid.

Items receiving no bids will be held by the bank or sold in /auction.

Funds generated from these sales will go towards guild activities including reagent reimbursement, resist pots (for fights that they are deemed a necessity), resist gear and possibly the purchase of crafting materials (some of this remains under discussion).

No-Drop loot receiving no bids will be either sold in /auction or looted and destroyed at the discretion of the Loot Officer. If the item is a MQ'able quest piece, it will be given to an officer with the most appropriate faction/requirements to complete the quest for a Raid Member at a later time.


DKP Refunds

Raid loot that is no longer needed by a player, but would still be an asset to the guild, can be re-auctioned with officer approval. The item will be given to a guild officer and will be bid upon as if it had dropped. The player returning the item will receive a credit of 50% of the original bid. The item will then be placed back up for auction during normal raid hours.


DKP Decay

DKP will decay occurs with every maximum level increase expansion. Specific details can be found here.

Expansions with DKP Decay:

The Secrets of Faydwer

The Seeds of Destruction

The House of Thule

The Veil of Alaris

The Rain of Fear

The Darkened Sea

The Ring of Scale


This document provides a summary of The Broken Wave's raid loot policy.  The guild leadership reserves the right to reevaluate any portion of this loot policy and make adjustments as deemed necessary.  The Council also reserves the right to make reasonable adjustments during a raid as necessary or when a situation arises that is not covered by the rules above.  We value Raid Member input, but please bring your concerns to an officer outside of our scheduled raid times rather than bring them up during a raid or during a bidding process.

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