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24 February

The Reflections of February


I just want to take a few moments and look back at the month of February and all it's awesomeness...

The morning of February 2nd:

We woke up that morning to an active webcam in our Discord channel.. Who was it that graced us with his tangibles?

None other than our main man prepped and ready to rock in Planes of Power...

But that wasn't the only thing we stumbled upon that glorious day...

Our resident Aussie also made a special service announcement letting us know he was ready to play his part

Now fast forward to the night of February 2nd and boy were we suprised...

Past that, there isn't much to say.  We kicked ass, took names and cemented ourselves once again as the #1 West Coast Raiding Guild on the server.  

I don't have any amazing pictures because things were literally dieing to fast to even waste the time clicking the screenshot button.. but I did manage to take two random scenic pics just for ya'll.

And what would a post be without some glorious end boss shots?  

If ya'll remember the last update, we showcased Titty Gilapagus, but this time around Quarm's junk in the trunk is our main highlight!

And it's been waaaaaaaay to long since we last gave tribute to the Wizard death gods.. may they grant us more Leather pants patterns cause those are "awesome"...

06 January

*Begins British Accent* Where Haaaaaave You Been?!??!!!

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So, if you missed the memo, the year of all years (2016 in case you call a rock your home) has passed, so let's get this out of the way...

Now onto the more pressing stuff.. what has The Broken Wave been up to these past few months?  Well, we have officially moved on from 2016 and left behind that which could have held us back......

We have (if you can't read the right-hand side of the website) managed to defeat all of Luclin in-era! While we have awesome and amazing pictures of each glorious defeat.. this one stands out amongst the rest.  From this moment on, good ole Aten Ha Ra became officially dubbed as Titty Galapagus! (Don't judge Luthien too much for his ridiculous UI)

What else has happened that is noteworthy here?  Not much.  We continue to wtfpwn Luclin every week but also like to take strolls along the beach sipping on pina coladas with our old buddies from the months past.. most specifically those from the Plane of Fear.  The only difference is now to make it a real challenge we like to invite them all to come hold hands with us at once. (for those of you who are blind, this is CT+3 golems at once... talk about those death touch rotations)

Other than that, we goof around, have a good time, make congo-lines in Seblilis and learn about sex education all night.

If you are interested in being part of the ONLY west coast raiding guild, then hop on over to our recruitment forums and lay down a beat.  While most classes are closed for recruitment, we are still seeking a handful of highly skilled players in the classes listed on the left-hand side (scroll up, eyes slightly adjusted to the left...there we go).

P.s. Sweet selfies improve your application chances!

17 August

How to pass the time??

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Luclin is nearing a month away and people are feeling the burn as we continue to throw our wizard corpses at mobs around Velious in hopes of finding those precious shiny things we are all after.  So what do you do to help soothe the burn of waiting for the moon to drop?

Well I am glad you asked....

First, you must embrace the inner love you have for one another!

Secondly.. Once you have established yourself deep within the warm embrace of them sexy female Ogres, you must shed off your mortal skins and become one with the Crooooooooaaaakkkk and launch a war against all them Giants!  Biggest thing to remember here... Always bring your pimp Frog with you so he can use that pimp hand when Ogres get out of line.

Finally, when all else fails to keep you entertained through the long cold dreary winter... just imagine yourself in the shoes of a Halfling and the Wondrous view they must get!


In all seriousness though, Broken Wave is progressing along, kicking ass and taking names!  Recently with a gangster as Fu** kill on Cazic Thule! 

**Note that we use gangsta Ranger death strategy to ensure victory**

Also killed those dragons down in Sleeper's Tomb.. but honestly only Sexy Karl is worth mentioning!

If you are interested in being part of the Premiere West Coast Raiding guild, then jump over to our forums and throw down your application!

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